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Sell nearby!

Make money by selling products or services in your area.

More people than you think are looking for products and services near you!

How to create effective ads

Be found by people.

Xtribe geolocates your Ads to ensure that people in your area or who are nearby at a certain time can see them!


Sell green.

By joining Xtribe, you can make your contribution to the environment: we promote Second Hand, barter, rental, local, hand delivery, reduction of packaging for returns and shipments and much more.

How does it work?

Sell new or used products and services quickly and easily… to the people of your city!

Publish your Ads

Take detailed photos of the products or services you want to offer and determine if the price is negotiable or not.

Chat with potential customers

Answer the customer's questions via the Chat and, if you deem it appropriate, accept their offer.

Start the negotiation

Agree with your buyer with regards to the price, payment method and delivery method within the Negotiation area.


Based on the agreement with the customer, meet him at the agreed place to deliver the merchandise.

Leave feedback

The feedback is about the person, in this case your customer, so you can leave it too! Your opinion is very important: other Xtribers will treasure your experience with customers and based on this they will decide who to do business with.

Boost your visibility

Give your Ads more visibility and make them appear in the Showcase of your city: buy credits and boost your sales!

The deal you are looking for is just around the corner!

Want to find out more?

Download the App, buy and sell, near you! With Xtribe your neighborhood is in your pocket.