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On Xtribe you can! Buy Credits and put your ads in the Showcase.
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Promote your ads in a fast and simple way to boost visibility.

With Xtribe you can promote your ad by putting it in the Showcase.

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Whether you are a private individual, a shop or a professional, thanks to Xtribe you can boost sales because your products and services will have greater visibility in your neighborhood, in your city!

And . faster!

Only the most relevant sponsored ads in your city appear in the Showcase: therefore, potential customers will find your products or services more easily and this will allow you to close deals in no time at all!

You need only one minute to boost your sales!

Increase the visibility of your Ads by making them appear in the Showcase of your city for up to 7 days! The Showcase is one of the 5 main sections and represents an exclusive area of the App.


Activate the Showcase

Go to the ad you have decided to highlight and activate the Showcase directly from there, with a simple click!

Boost sales!


Select a city

Select the city of your interest directly from the Ad or choose it by entering the Showcase section and following the guided procedure.

The Showcase is currently available for the following cities: Bari, Bologna, Catania, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Turin, Venice, Verona, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington and Atlanta.

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Control the Showcase cost

The cost of the Showcase varies depending on the city: from the App, check how many credits are needed to put your Ad in the Showcase of the city you are interested in.

Boost sales!


Buy credits

Credits are available in packages of 3 different denominations and you can purchase them by entering the Profile area of the App Menu. Your payment is managed within Xtribe through the In App Purchase systems offered by Apple and Google, to ensure maximum security and reliability.

Boost sales!

Put your ad in the Showcase!

Give extra visibility to your products and services, give your business an extra boost. Buy the credits you need directly from the App, pay securely and select your city: just a minute and your Ad is in the Showcase!

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