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When the local economy becomes reality

Your neighborhood in your pocket.
What if what you are looking for is not on the other side of the ocean, but a stone's throw from you?

Geomarketplace VS Marketplace

What are the pluses of our Geomarketplace compared to traditional marketplaces?


  • Become part of a Local Community, a network of sales and exchanges between individuals, businesses and professionals of your city.
  • Thanks to the physical proximity, you quickly get what you want, without costs and shipping times.
  • Make arrangements quickly and easily with the counterparty via chat, then meet to close the deal!
  • Benefit the local economy and make your contribution to the environment: buy and sell local!
  • Make business more sustainable: with Xtribe the need for returns and shipments decreases and, consequently, the use of plastic and packaging.
  • By promoting the Second Hand market, we avoid waste and turn potential waste into resources!
  • You meet people with whom you can share your hobbies and passions: it is not a pure and simple trade!
  • You keep everything you earn because there are zero commissions.

Our goal

We want people to be able to buy, sell, barter or rent products and services in the fastest and cheapest way possible: we reduce time and eliminate the costs of intermediaries and annoying commissions.

We do all this by adopting an eco-sustainable approach, without the need for returns and shipments, encouraging interpersonal relationships and encounters between real people, from the same neighborhood or city.

For this reason, we have decided to involve individuals, shops and professionals: we want to create a Community, a network of people linked by physical proximity and the desire to seize the opportunities, products and services offered in their area, in a green and sustainable perspective.


On our Blog you will find practical advice for your business and many strategies to sell your products or services and find new customers!

Xtribe from A to Z: everything you need to know to buy and sell, near you!

We have gathered in one place all the useful information, tips and resources you may need to make the most of Xtribe!

Help Desk

Our values

Local Economy

Xtribe gets Local Commerce and Proximity Marketing back in motion, letting people discover that what they’re looking for across the ocean can be found in their city, from private individuals, shops and professionals in their very area.

Informed buying decisions

In addition to the devastating impact on small e-commerce, the ever-increasing amount of returns also has a strong impact on the environment. Xtribe encourages more informed and reasoned purchases: the fact that the customer can see the product live, in some cases even try it, and therefore check its condition, drastically decreases the probability of returning the item.

Sustainable mobility

With Xtribe, shipping doesn’t need to be the main method of delivering products: the sale takes place between physically close people, from the same neighborhood or city. As a result, the collection in the store or the home delivery reduce a large part of the environmental costs of transportation and packaging.

Second Hand

The comeback of used items’ market is undoubtedly one of the most concrete solutions to avert the growing level of pollution and environmental degradation of our planet. Excellent for both the wallet and the conscience, the Second Hand is also fascinating as a concept: it is about giving a second life to objects that are often unique and full of history! One person’s trash is another’s treasure!

Download the app, buy and sell near you! With Xtribe your neighborhood is in your pocket