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It’s easy to create effective ads!

Follow our advice and start selling.

Winning ads in 4 easy steps!


Are you selling products or services?

Choose which section to place your ad in through the drop down menu.



Show every detail

You have 9 picture slots available: if you sell products, highlight every detail; if you offer a service, instead, insert images that make it clear what you are offering and, above all, that encourage your potential buyers to contact you.



Explain your product

After placing the images, explain your product or service in words: enter a title and write an accurate description of what you are selling, with all the details that could be useful to the customer.



Set a price

The amount you set must be proportionate both to your product or service and to the prices of your competitors on the Xtribe Platform!


And that’s not all: with Xtribe you give your business an extra boost!

Sell more…

Whether you are a private individual, a shop or a professional, thanks to Xtribe you can boost sales because your products and services will have greater visibility in your neighborhood, in your city!

And faster!

Xtribe also allows you to sell faster than usual because your customers, other Xtribers, are people who live nearby and this physical proximity allows deals to be done more easily!

Want more visibility for your ads?

Put them in the Showcase!

If you want to give more prominence to one or more of your Ads, you can promote them, thanks to the Credits system and insert them in the Showcase of your city.

Want to know more?
Here you can find our FAQ section

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