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With Xtribe you can sell, buy, barter and rent products and services with people around you, with those nearby, both private individuals and businesses and professionals. You will discover in real time that the product of your dreams is not always across the ocean, but that it is sold by a person close to you or in the trusted store or in the mall down the street. Selling is super easy. Just the time to take a picture and you are ready to share your product or service with all the Xtribers, close and afar.


No sales commission, what you earn is yours alone.


Here the opportunities are steps away: discover all the deals in your city.


Report inappropriate ads, use feedback and chat before an exchange: simple and reliable!



Sell, buy, rent and barter. New and Used. From individuals and companies.


Integrated chat: communicate in real time. Look for anything and find it immediately.

Make the price

By negotiating you can suggest your ideal price, it is up to the seller to accept.





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Do you own a store or a business?

Discover the solutions available to dealers and industry professionals by opening your Xtribe Store profile.

Get known in your area and start selling your products and services in a simple and smart way: bring customers directly to your business, you don't have to manage shipments, payments, returns or other procedures other than those you're already using.

You have a tool available to you that is designed specifically for your needs and you can post endless ads: take a photo directly from your smartphone, add the title, a description, the price and you're practically already online.

Join our community: thousands of companies have already chosen us to increase their customers. The Xtribe Store profile is designed to meet the needs of businesses (shops, franchises, chain stores, outlets / factory stores) and professionals.

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