Here you will find only some of the many "friends", sportsmen, artists and people from glamour and web world, who have used Xtribe to involve and reward their fans. To know all our initiatives follow us on Facebook Facebook!

Alessandro Gentile - Autographed Basket Ball

Alessandro Gentile, captain of Olimpia Milano team, used Xtribe to be able to give his very personal autographed basketball to all his fans who had to write the most exciting message via chat: a success!

Facchinetti - Three contests on Xtribe

champion of records, let's just say that his "Canzone del Capitano" is the best-selling single in the 21st century! Also on Xtribe he was confirmed as record man by bartering three products for his fans, the legendary “Tapiro d’Oro" that Staffelli gave him in person and two tickets for the Pooh concert at San Siro.

È TUTTO VERO, VOGLIO REGALARE L'ULTIMO biglietto del concerto dei Pooh a San Siro. Come averlo? Leggete nel primo commento sotto :-)

Publish by Francesco Facchinetti su Giovedì 5 maggio 2016

Matt & Bise - Free t-shirts on Xtribe

Metteo Pelusi and Valentino Bisegna, started with videos on YouTube, now they have almost two million fans on Facebook! On Xtribe they have put their shirts on as gifts and have demobilized (it is appropriate to say so) all their fan base. Enjoy the video



Publish by Matt & Bise su Martedì 13 ottobre 2015

Il Vostro Caro Dexter - T-Shirt as a gift on Xtribe

Your Dear Dexter is a real YouTube king with more than 1 million 700 thousand members (and the number is constantly and rapidly growing). He used Xtribe to give his coolest fans his branded shirts..


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