"Xtribe - You can trade things"

The exchange of items, such as the one carried out through Xtribe, can also turn into an exchange of experiences: Laura Bettini of Radio24 interviews our Founder and C.O.O. Mattia Sistigu.

"Beauty: it's time for solid cosmetics, from skincare to hair, passing through the body"

The data: in the last year, based on the 700,000 downloads recorded by the Xtribe app, requests for solid shampoo or shower gel in our country increased by + 17%.

Vanity Fair

"Doggie and kitty are expensive to support. New trend used, rental and barter of pet accessories"

Aquariums, scratching posts, dog beds, bike trailers, designer collars. Individuals, apps, sites and shops aim for the circular economy.

"Bike universe, all in one App"

Xtribe is here, the platform that allows you to buy, trade and rent bicycles, accessories and services. Here's how it works.


“Talk about a hobby, gardening has become a business"

Maintenance workers, gardeners and nurserymen, but also landscape architects, agronomists, naturalists and head gardeners: Xtribe is there for everything you need!

La Stampa

"Your neighborhood's e-commerce, here is the App that connects customers and businesses"

Exploiting the potential of businesses in your neighborhood without giving up online purchases, this is the idea behind Xtribe.

"A toy? Why toss it when there is an app where you can barter it?"

An Xtribe study found that in the last 5 years there is a boom for sales and exchange of games between families. A phenomenon that is part of the growing "second-hand economy" that also fights waste as well as helps save money.


"The rediscovery of neighborhood shops with the app that puts you in touch with local sellers"

Xtribe takes advantage of geolocation to enhance businesses next door.

Corriere della Sera

"Now professionals are sought though apps"

During the lockdown, search for services dramatically increased: psychologists, lawyers and digital marketing experts are the leading categories.

"Xtribe, the Italian startup that is going public in the USA"

PODCAST: interview with Mattia Sistigu Founder and C.O.O. of Xtribe, an Italian start-up that is ready to go public in the United States. Xtribe is a platform able to help those who are looking for a product to find it by geolocating nearby stores.

Mister Gadget

"Phase 3, the 15 apps to download for the return to normality"

Xtribe is in the list of the 15 useful Apps to download to live better phase 3.

"Xtribe - How to enhance retailers and professionals in the post-Covid era"

Speech by our Founder and C.O.O. Mattia Sistigu to the microphones of Night Express Radio 105 about Xtribe solutions to enhance retailers and professionals in the post-Covid era.

"Phase 2: from geomarketplace startup Xtribe for the business in the post lockdown"

According to Xtribe, that since its foundation has focused on the development of a nearby market, digitizing and geolocalizing are the winning cards to play for the business recovery and to reach new customers.


“From geomarketplace startup Xtribe for the business in the post lockdown"

Focusing on geolocalization to reach new customers and recover the business.


"New opportunities with digital"

Trade: our C.O.O. Mattia Sistigu regarding the new opportunities offered by digital for all the stores and business activities after the lockdown.

"How Startups imagine and create solutions for the post-covid era"

Speech of our Founder and C.O.O. Mattia Sistigu on Eta Beta Radio Rai 1 microphones, about the solutions of Xtribe to give value to retailers and professionals.

"Phase 2: from geomarketplace startup Xtribe for the business in the post lockdown"

The future looks to digitalization and a more responsible management of purchases, even greener under a certain sense: with the digital and geolocalization, nearby stores have more chances to make business and customers to discover advantageous realities, right under your home.

"Phase 2: from geomarketplace startup Xtribe for the business in the post lockdown"

To digitize and geolocalize: these are the winning cards to play for the business recovery in the post lockdown, to reach new customers, to limit travel, but to have anyway everything you need.

"Xtribe is the "neighborhood" e-commerce: an App to buy, sell, rent and barter products and services at 0 Km"

To have in your pocket the local economy: interview with our C.O.O. and Founder Mattia Sistigu all-round about Xtribe. Key word, Geo-localization and neighborhood e-commerce.

"Xtribe is the eco-friendly app for purchases, bartering and rental"

Is it still possible to think of a shopping that embraces environmental sustainability? Yes, thanks to Xtribe, the app created to facilitate purchases, bartering and even rental activities between people nearby.


"Shopping, users search online but they buy in store"

It's called Ropo: look for information online and then buy offline, in store, and it is a growing phenomenon in recent years.

Yahoo Finanza

“First signs of recovery in the Italian economy”

The speech of our founder Mattia Sistigu about the signs of recovery of the Italian economy also thanks to the use of new technologies and new communication tools.

Financial Times

"7 must of a omnichannel marketing strategy"

Mattia Sistigu, Xtribe's founder, design a omnichannel marketing strategy for the stores.

Mark Up

“Economy of friendship: triple growth compared to traditional businesses”

What is the future of digital commerce according to statistics? The friendship economy, which is growing at a triple rate compared to traditional e-commerce. The speech at Rai Cultura Economia of our C.T.O. Marco Paolucci, on the phenomenon that definitively shifts commercial power to consumers

Rai Economia

“How to encourage E-commerce in Italy”

The speech of Mattia Sistigu, Founder and COO of Xtribe, to the microphones of the prestigious Radio about how to encourage the online sale of products and services of "Made in Italy"..

“Xtribe on TG5”

“Xtribe, the application of the Month”

Put the objects you want to get rid of on the platform and potential buyers see how far you are from them, how much the product would cost and if you are willing to rent or trade it. There is a chat to make arrangements and you're done!


“Xtribe su TG1 Economia - RAI”

“Xtribe su SmartTouch - Italia 1”

"Xtribe, the App that looks at Wall Street from Pesaro"

Born and started like a bet between friends, now Xtribe is looking to New York and Wall Street where in the first part of 2018 should make its entrance.

Il Sole 24 Ore

"Quickly sell your items and services with the Xtribe application"

"From social to social, with XTRIBE shopping is around you!"

You can find a variety of geolocated products and services on a map and return to the true nature of shopping that values ​​exchanges, relationships and handshakes between seller and buyer.

"Xtribe, the app that brings you back to the shop below your house"

The made in Italy app allows you to find the best of physical stores, which you may not even know even though they are very close to you.

"Xtribe, the online meeting point for retailers and customers"

Xtribe is the geo-ecommerce always in your pocket: perfect for the retailer who wants to geo-localize their products, and for the customer who can virtually visit the nearby shops comfortably from the armchair.

"I want tech - Xtribe"

The new Italian app to sell and buy products near you.

Witty Tv

"One click to avoid waste"

Xtribe, a real social commerce platform.


“Xtribe su Smart&App, La3”

“In Italy Xtribe”

It is an electronic commerce platform based on barter: goods and services are exchanged, but the key point of the project is to meet people.

Corriere della Sera

"Exit, search and meet" The new frontier of social commerce"

An app that geolocates the products for sale around the user.

Corriere della Sera

“It comes Xtribe, the zero kilometer bartering app”

Here comes the free app that uses the geolocation system to sell, exchange and rent items or to suggest services in your area.


"Do you buy online? Now there is Xtribe"

It has been presented in occasion to the Day of Barter in Milan, it’s called Xtribe and it’s an App (for iOs or Android) based on geolocalization: it allows users indeed to find products and services among the best offers in the area, suggested both by business activities and privates.

Vanity Fair

"The countertrend bet of Xtribe"

How to use technology to help concretely the businesses in the area.

Fortune Italia

"The new trend of online shopping is ROPO: what is it, why and how does it work"

ROPO means looking online for something to buy then in the physical store: Xtribe, an Italian start-up that has launched a geomarketplace App, explains why it has become a new trend in the online shopping.


Xtribe, the “small” Italian company of social e-commerce that heads towards Wall Street

The interview at StartupItalia to our C.O.O. Mattia Sistigu, an opportunity to talk about Xtribe, recalling the most significant steps happened with our CEO, Enrico Dal Monte, always looking at the future.

Startup Italia

From Marche to New York: the journey of Mattia Sistigu, the Italian man who is revolutionizing the e-commerce world!

It’s not the usual brain drain but of entrepreneurship, a virtuous example made in Italy that proves “that Italy is still a country in which young entrepreneurs can build a business, make it grow, and make it so big to have to do the next step: to launch it in the international market”

World excellence

The new purchase habits of Italians

The research of Xtribe shows the different roles given to the online and offline.


Xtribe, the new purchase habits of users, between online research and purchase offline

Again ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline), phenomenon definitely growing and that ratifies the revenge of physical stores thanks to the help of online.

Daily online

E-commerce: 7 advices for the physical stores

Our 7 advices, to carry out online, for all the physical stores that want to go on to operate in the business industry without giving up to the e-commerce.


E-commerce: 7 advices for the physical stores

Our 7 advices, to carry out online, for all the physical stores that want to go on to operate in the business industry without giving up to the e-commerce.


The 7 steps to sell online, thanks to the web

7 advices of our C.O.O. Mattia Sistigu, for the offline stores!

Manager Italia

The rising of the phenomenon “Ropo”: research online, purchase offline

To look for a dress online, to collect information, to read reviews of other users and then go to a store to try it on, to ask advices to sales assistant, to get inspiration by other dresses and accessorizes, is a growing dynamic and these figures demonstrates it.


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