Xtribe stands for USABILITY and CLARITY for an extremely wide and diverse audience.
Discover with us how easy it is to sell, purchase, barter and rent with Xtribe.
No delivery fee: chat with other Xtribers, send and evaluate different offers and in just a few clicks you’ll have your deal! For further information check the tutorial video!

How does Xtribe work

Here is our step by step tutorial that explains the use and the many functions of the App.


Fast and easy:

Username: your name on Xtribe.
Password: search a non ordinary combination to ensure your safety.
Email: confirm your registration.


Using this section, that is the heart of the app, you'll be able to look for products and services using a handy map highlighting them with specific markers around your position, or going through a list that shows ads starting from the closest to you. Researches can be filtered according to simple parameters that you can select clicking on the top right button next to the search bar.

Research filters

You'll be able to refine the usual textual research using filters. Lists of ads on Xtribe are generally ordered by distance, starting with the closest ad. Selecting "sort by date" you'll have the opportunity to see the ads sorted by their uploading date starting with the most recent and indicating, as suggested on the screen, the desired distance.

Sell ​​and geolocation of ads

You want to create an ad? Click “Add Product” or “Add Service”, and in just a few seconds your ad will be posted. Just a tip: details matter. When you create a new ad, Xtribe asks you where you want to locate it. You will have to choose between two options: FIXED POSITION or WITH ME.


Xtribe offers many activities and numerous people you can get in touch with. In this section you will always be able to keep an eye on all your activities, once you “interacted” with an ad (using the chat, or offering to purchase, rent, barter ...). The negotiations that require your attention are stored under the label "To Read", they are always the first on the list so you won’t miss any of your conversations.

When will the activities be deleted? Once negotiations are closed and both users have released a feedback, activities will be automatically removed and stored under "negotiations" inside the App side menu.


Your profile represent your business card. A detailed and precise description increases your chances of being contacted. From this section you can access your data, edit your profile, and update your status.

In the profile section, you can also find a practical check-in integrated with Foursquare, for a more precise and detailed position: in this way you'll be able to indicate your exact position just touching the screen and choosing from a ready list of all possible locations next to you. We decided to integrate this feature to make it easier for your customer to find you, to make appointments, to encourage contact between users in the same area and to highlight clearly the location of your shop or your business.
Example: if you are inside a large shopping center, you can use Foursquare to indicate the specific café or store in which you can be reached.

Ad description

Once selected the product or service you're interested in, you can view all the information you'll need to proceed with the deal: detailed description, price, possibility to rent or barter the product/service, distance from your location, pictures, number of views, and number of potential buyers who interested in the same product.

You can also add product/service to bookmarks and see the name and a detailed description of the seller.

CHAT WITH THE SELLER: in this area you'll be able to communicate directly with the seller in real time and start negotiating, accept a barter, agree on the price and possibly on the place where to meet and go through with the purchase of the desired product/service.

MAKE YOUR OFFER: in this section you will have the opportunity to bid for the ad price. The basic price is the one indicated by the seller, will you be able to snatch a reduction?

ASK FOR RENT: If you want to use a product just for a limited period of time, ask to rent it. Select the period of the rental and suggest the appropriate price for that period of time.

OFFER A BARTER: using Xtribe you won't have only the possibility to buy upon payment, but also to offer a barter. Following the suggested procedure, you'll be able to select the object between your ads that you wish to barter with another user.

Section: Sell

Select ad location

FIXED POSITION: our application will help you select the specific point on the world map in which you desire to place your ad. For example you can select the address of your shop, or the spot where you will want to meet with your potential customers.

POSITION WITH ME (not available for Xtribe Store users ): If you're creating an ad for a consulting service, for example, you'll be glad to know that this option follows your change of positions, letting users know when you get close to them; want to sell an item that you always carry with you? Then do not select a specific address, use this option and the ad will move with you, so users next to you will notice you more.

BARTER: If you are interested in an exchange, you can select the barter option for your ad. Using this option, your customer will be able to choose between offer money or barter a product or service directly from their listings.

RENT: If you are interested in renting a product or service you can easily use this option and negotiate using the chat.