Credits give you access to a range of services upon payment, specifically designed to enhance your business with Xtribe.

With credits you can:

  • Acquire additional slots for your ads
  • Renew an ad for 30 days
  • Renew all your ads for 30 days
  • Publish your ad in the shop-window

  • Essential Pack

    Entry level solution.

    0,79 starting from
  • Hungry Pack

    Ideal to increase number of ads and renewals all your ads without losing any deals.

    2,99 starting from

Safe payments

We would like to point out that all payments made within the application are managed through In App Purchase systems offered by Apple and Google, to ensure top safety and the best experience.

Make your ads stand out: put them in the shop-window

What is a shop-window on Xtribe
It is a very visible, designated space, where you can sponsor your ad, which will be published for seven days in a special shop-window composed of only 20 ads. This service is currently available for Bari, Bologna, Catania, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Turin, Venice, Verona and New York.

Why use the shop-window
The shop-window makes your ad more visible and is therefore pretty useful for your negotiations.

How to enable the shop-window
You can activate it directly from the options of the ad that you want to highlight, and selecting your city of interest. Or, even easier, you can select "shop-window" and follow the hints.

How much does the shop-window cost
The cost of the shop-window varies depending on the city: you can check how many credits you'll need for your city directly on the App. Credits can be purchased as packages made available by Xtribe selecting "Credits" in the main menu.

What are you waiting for? Just put it in your ad in the shop-window and ... good luck!